Foolish Wanderer Photography

Who's That Girl   


My friends call me Lina, I'm a US Navy veteran of 8 years, and have been lucky enough to have traveled much of the world. I've seen amazing and beautiful things that are absolutely indescribable by my meager vocabulary but as the saying goes "a picture is worth a thousand words." Originally from Miami but have exquisitely assimilated to the SoCal life over 6+ years. Also a proud pup-parent of two amazing rescues and I can not turn down a good hike; let's go! 

Photography became a slight obsession when my sister-from-a-different-mister saw my "eye.". Photography has given me a sensational outlet to preserve a wink of a pup, a brush of a kiss, a crashing wave, a beach sunset, a budding mother, or gorgeous one year old on the most beautiful back drop anyone could ask for.





What's in a Name

Foolish, to me, means to stay young at heart and always learning. To never see ourselves as wise for there is always something to gain from every person we meet and experience we are lucky enough to be a part of.

Wanderer is what I forever aspire to be. To never want to feel so attached to a physical place that we loose the wanderlust and thirst to travel. Gaining all those experiences by pure immersion. A wanderer's greatest pleasure is to find themselves in a new place, surrounded by deeply unique people, and finding peace in the feeling of beautiful bewilderment.

Together these two titles creates something new and poetic in their similarities and differences.

And so became the Foolish Wanderer


What I Do

Capture perfect moments and all the feels that are not tangible so that you may be able to share them with family, friends, and reminisce about them for decades to come.

Style wise: I'm an on-location photographer and prefer to shoot outside. Nothing highlights a smile like that San Diego sunshine. I like to keep post-shoot editing to a minimum and allow the shots speak for themselves while staying as natural as possible. You want to recognize your self right?

These special instances can happen in the blink of an eye... let me frame them for you.



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